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Sea-Data Motion Sensor
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Release notes Sea-Data Motion Sensor

The Sea-Data Motion Sensor is a very compact compass and GPS sensor. It's the only self calibrating compass sensor available which makes installation much simpler. Self calibration is possible because the sensor contains all data associated with the motion of the vessel. The self calibration also makes the sensor data more accurate.

The sensor transmits all kinds of data associated with vessel motion: Gyro true heading - magnetic variation - gyro heel angle - gyro trim angle - vessel position - speed over ground - gyro course over ground - compass mounting offset - water speed calibration factor - set direction - drift speed - self calibration quality factors.

  • Reduce installation time with 70%
  • No need for user initiated calibration maneuvers
  • Can be installed below fiberglass deck (super sensitive GPS receiver)
  • Less cabling and connections required
  • 3 sensors integrated in 1 housing
  • NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 interface options
  • Adapts continuously to changing magnetic environment
  • True heading calculation
  • Magnetic variation data calculation from GPS position
  • Tilt compensated rate of turn measurements
  • Gyro performance on all angle and direction measurements
  • Calibrates the water speed data continously
  • Improved accuracy in set and drift data
  • GPS position data from all GPS sensors in the system
  • Improved resolution and dynamics for GPS position data
  • Heave motion measurements