Register my vessels

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Register my vessels

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User menu > Vessels > My vessels


The user can register several vessels associated with the user account. Only the user who created the vessel can remove it again. It's also possible to add an already registered vessel as "my vessel".




My vessels

List of registered vessels for logged in user


Create a new vessel for the logged in user

Remove (My vessels)

Remove the selected vessel (only the user who created the vessel can remove it)

Region vessels

A vessel is registered in the users home port region

Add to my vessel

Add a vessel already registered in the home port region as 'my vessel'

Vessel name

Edit selected vessels name

Vessels photo tag

Edit album tag for Panoramio photos showing photos of the selected vessel (also Panoramio users photo ID is required)

Vessels video ID

Edit YouTube video ID for video showing the selected vessel

Vessel type

Edit the type of vessel for the selected vessel

Sea~Data users

List of users in a selected country and region that is registered on

Add user as crew

Add a selected user as crew to the selected vessel

Crew list

List of added users to the selected vessel

Remove (Crew list)

Remove a selected user from the crew list


Set selected crew as skipper for the selected vessel