Region vessels

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Region vessels

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Information about the vessels in a region can be viewed by any user. The user can either view the vessels at sea or vessels that are docked but registered in the selected region.


Both the plan of the vessel and the logged real time data is presented for vessels at sea:



View vessels in port

Click on the button and refresh the list with registered vessels docked in port

Vessels at sea

Select the region to view vessels at sea

Refresh list

Refresh the list with new vessels at sea in the selected region or vessels being docked


List of planned navigation points for the selected vessel

Plot points

Plot logged points and planned navigation points in a map

Trip date and time

Date and time of the logged data from the selected vessel

'+' and '-'

Click on the buttons to change the trip time to view a different sample of the logged data (+ = increase time, - = decrease time)

Change trip time

Change time interval  (hh:mm:ss)


View media files associated with the trip and the vessel (photos and videos)

Refresh trip

Refresh the view with the latest logged data from the selected vessel