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Edit user profile

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The user profile page is opened immediately after registration or by clicking on the 'User - Profile' menu item




First + Last name

First and last name of user

Change password

Change the password (and confirm)

E-mail address

Change the e-mail for the registered user account

Browse ...

Browse on the local computer to find a user profile photo to be uploaded

Upload user photo

Start uploading the selected user profile photo from the local computer to seadataweb.com

Home port region

Select a home port region associated with the user account

Home port

Select a home port for the user and the vessels registered on the user

Users photo ID

Photos can be uploaded on Panoramio and used on seadataweb.com afterwards. Register the Panoramio user ID (7 digits) to enable re-use of Panoramio photos.

Save user profile

Save the changes done for the user account (confirmation of a successful save is posted after clicking on the button)