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User menu > User > Messages


It's possible to post a message to contacts in the users contact list. A message is a thread of posted texts that goes between the senders and recipients with the same subject.


In the end, all messages are posted to users. If a message is posted to a vessel, all listed crews will receive the message. If a message is posted to a group, all listed crew in all vessels in the group will receive the message.


A posted message will be added to the message list of all receiving users. It will also be sent an e-mail to the user that a new message is available in the message list.




Create message

Start creating a new message

Delete message

Delete the selected message in the message list


List of added recipients


Subject of the message thread

Message posts

List of posts done for the message

Posted text

Text to be posted to the recipients


User, vessel or group contacts to add as recipient

Add recipient

Add the selected recipient to the recipients list

Remove recipient

Remove the selected recipient from the recipients list

Add message post

Add the posted text to the message (and send the message to the recipients)

Remove message post

Remove the selected posted text from the message thread