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Order products

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Products > Product page > Order products

User menu > Orders > Order products


Select the products in the products list or product pages and add products to the shopping cart. The content of the shopping cart is shown in the order page.




Add product to order

Add the selected product to the shopping cart


Edit the number of items to order of the listed product


Select a supplier from a selected supplier region to ship the products and handle the order


Refresh the calculations of shipment cost and total prices from the selected supplier

First / last name

Edit the first and last name of the customer


Edit the street address of the customer|

Postal code

Edit the postal code of the city

Postal city

Edit the name of the city to ship the products.


Edit the country to ship the products


Read the terms before ordering the products

Order product(s)

Confirm the terms and order the products. The order is now transferred to the order list.