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Register ports

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User menu > Ports > Edit


A logged in user can edit the list of ports in a region.


The location services GeoNames can be used to register the correct position and name of the port. Simply find the port in the GeoNames map and copy the GeoNames ID number to the Sea~Data web page. The GeoNames ID number is a 7 digit number.


The port position and names can also be manually edited by the user.




Port region

Select a port region to edit ports in


List of ports registered in the selected port region

Port name

Edit the port name

Latitude / Longitude

Edit the WGS-84 position of the port

N / E

Click on the N or E button to change position to the north/south or east/west hemisphere

Geonames ID

Paste the GeoNames ID number into this text box

Get Geonames information

Click this button to receive information about port name and position from the GeoNames server

Create new port

Create a new port for the selected port region

Replace selected port

Replace the port name and position for the selected port

Remove selected port

Select a registered port and click this button to remove it from the port list