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Edit races

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A series consist of one or many races. A logged in user can add races to the active series.





List of races for the active series

Race name

Edit the name of the race


Select the plan month folder for the race

Race plan

Select a race plan for the race. The race plan must be uploaded by the user in advance.

Start date

Set the start date for race

Start time

Edit the start time for the race (hh:mm:ss)

Finish line bearing

Set the finish line bearing for the last plan point in the race plan (to be used for finding finishing time for sailing yachts with logging files)

Race yachts

View total amount of yachts in the series

Required number of races

Set the minimum number of races a yacht should participate in a series. High scores from races exceeding this will be removed from the total scores calculations.

Save race numbers

Save the minimum number of races

Save race

Save the race in the series

Remove race

Remove the race from the series